The 2019 edition of Blacktop Ball takes place
Friday August 9th
& Saturday August 10th

Things kick off at 4pm Friday, with the site wrapping up at 12pm Sunday.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Take your government-issued ID. It's 19+

When is the earliest and latest I can arrive on site to get into the festival?

Friday: Gate Opens @12:00pm and closes @11:00pm
Saturday: Gate Opens @10:30am and closes @10:00pm

How many shows are the Stans playing?

Two! One on Friday night, and the other on Saturday. As always, we are going to try and play every song we have ever written (and hopefully some new ones!)

Is there somewhere nearby to buy booze/chips/fly dope/get cash etc?

YEP. The LBR Gas Bar, 2 km up the road at 3138 Shore Rd. Verifiably the coldest beer store in Nova Scotia. Not even joking. Don’t buy glass bottles of beer and bring plastic cups for your mixed drinks. There is also an ATM in the LBR.

Will there be concessions on site (food service, water, merch etc)?

Yes, Bring some cash (No ATM on site). Food trucks, snacks, pop-up vendors. So much goodness.

I'm not much for camping, but I still want to come see a show or two. Are there hotels in the area?
Travelodge Suites by Wyndham New Glasgow has given us a special rate if camping isn’t your thing. Click Here!

Best to check for accommodations in the nearby towns of New Glasgow (29 mins drive from the site) or Antigonish (32 mins drive from the site). Unfortunately, we don't have any preferred rates set up at this time.

Anywhere I can see some pictures from last year?
Yes right here. And in case you weren’t there, you can always check out Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Can I bring my 47-foot Brontosaurus-mobile Deluxe RV?
YES. Bonus points if you invite us in for a drink or 7.

Are there any water hook ups or dumping on site?
There are no water hook ups or dumping on site. The site is private property and isn’t an actual campground with those amenities.

Can I bring an hibachi or BBQ?
Hell yeah. Save us a burg. In case you don't want worry about packing food and a BBQ, we have two food trucks that will also take care of you.

Can I have a campfire?
Sorry, no can do. That said, you should bring some warm clothes just in case. Nova Scotia’s weather is unpredictable.

What are my parking options?
There is lots of parking. Tons of it.
You won’t be able to park next to your tent for safety reasons.

Will there be security?

We will have security roving the site between the hours of 6pm and 3am each performance night (Sat and Sun). Our security crew are totally professional, CPR trained and friendly as all get out.

Also, our friends in the RCMP will be checking for drunk drivers with a vengeance, so don’t be a prick and think you can drink and drive.

I’ll definitely want to go swimming. Will there be a lifeguard at the beach?

You should absolutely go swimming, but you are on your own there - there is NO lifeguard!

What CAN’T I bring to the Blacktop Ball?

Any of your kids who are minors (19+ right?)

Beverages in glass bottles.

Your ATV (of any kind)


Firearms (not that anyone would be DUMB enough to do that!)

Lawn Darts

A bad attitude

What CAN I bring to the Blacktop Ball?

Your dog (but it MUST be on a leash at all times)

Your musical instrument of choice

Any outdoor game that doesn’t involve sharp points or explosions

Will you be selling merch?

Of course. In fact, we specially design a Blacktop Ball t-shirt for every year. This year's is going to be awesome.

Is there anywhere onsite that I CAN’T go?

Any of the buildings onsite (Cottages, mobile homes, barns etc)

The stage.

The sound guy's area (Leave him alone. He doesn't need your advice ;-)

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Negative. Tickets are final sale and non-refundable.

Can my band play the Blacktop Ball? We are really good….

Send a demo to Can't guarantee a spot, but we will have a listen!

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

You can, but believe me, these tickets will move FAST. Better to spring for them now while you are here, and just a click away